Welcome to Finca La Primavera!

Dear guests


Welcome to our finca and the house where we want you to feel like staying in your own place. For us the finca itself and also the house on the hill is a very special place, marked with its history and peculiarities in more than 20 years in our possession.  

The Casa Loma


The Casa Loma invites you to linger, relax, nature watching. The spacious veranda allows the residents at all times to find a private place, depending on preference. Chairs, benches and hammocks are available. There is running water and electricity 115/230 VAC / 60Hz.

The rooms and dining area


The rooms are simple in accordance with the rural character of the Finca, but clean and functionally equipped, as well are the existing bathrooms. The kitchen and dining area of central courtyard (Spanish „Patio „) of the property, are forming the "heart" and the central meeting point. Here can be cooked, eaten and drunk, enjoy at the kitchen bar your sundowner beer or a Nicaraguan premium-rum branded " Flor de Caña trago” with a lime from the tree nearby.

The garden


The garden area around the Casa Loma is subject to seasonal changes and shows itself in changing dress. Feel free to consume the seasonal harvested fresh fruits. Also, the oven is located behind the house can be used like, firewood is always ready an available.

The kitchen

 The kitchen of Casa Loma is largely fully equipped, for up to 10 people is sufficient crockery available. If things are missing or damaged, please report so that this can be remedied. The kitchen stove works with propane gas, the exchange tank is located in the small storage room behind the bathroom. Under certain circumstances the valve of the gas tank is closed and the lever must be opened before use. Should the gas run out please report   there´s a spare tank in stock and can be replaced promptly.

The dishwashing soap in Nicaragua commonly used is suitable for cold wash; there is no need for this to heat extra-rinse water. Simply rub dishes with sponge and neat soap and rinse under running water, put in the drying rack - ready!

Non-organic waste can be disposed in the garbage barrel at the parking area in front of the main entrance-door to Casa Loma; the barrel is emptied regularly by the staff of the finca. The organic waste can be disposed on compost lying behind the house. Our staff will show you the location. The compost produced is incorporated into the natural nutrient cycle of our land and is used for fertilization.

The kitchen has a large fridge with separate freezer.

About the trees

 As the finca was taken over by the Hübner - Kruzinna family in May 1995, on the 35 hectares area we didn´t find many more than about 100 trees , the previous user have had " well cleared " the exploitable trees and left behind only the stumps . The „Loma de Casa " was then largely bare. Today, there are about 13,000 trees from over 130 species on the entire surface. Approximately 5 hectares of plantations of timber with mainly native and a few other species such as Teak wood are registered and certified by the national forest authority. Beside compact plantations we make use of forest - grazing systems where forest trees are cultivated on pastureland in mixed use. All pastures are parceled; grazing by cattle, sheep and horses is based on an established rotation System.

User Rules

  • Please make carefully use of the entire facility and inventory. Please report damage or faults to the staff, it will be corrected immediately.
  • Please leave the house and its furnishings in the same condition as you found it, otherwise, we will charge a portion of the security deposit for cleaning. The necessary equipment and cleaning products we make available to you. For longer stays, you can instruct our staff against a cleaning fee.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the house. Please be extremely careful when you are smoking or lighting fires, especially in the dry season, a bush fire is quickly ignited and under certain circumstances difficult to extinguish. Therefore, please do not flick off cigarette butts, thank you!
  • Pets are not allowed in the house.
  • Please observe and respect the peace and nature around, enjoy it.
  • Water is a scarce natural resource in the area and the house has a very limited amount of water to disposal because normally it is supplied by a private well. If you exceed the normal consumption, we need to provide you with the additional purchase of water into account.
  • Please turn the lights off when not needed; please save the electrical energy.
  • You can just throw toilet paper into the toilet. Please dispose of tampons, cigarettes, bandages or other waste here.


Instructions and tips

  • Wireless: The house has an Internet connection. Access will be given by the staff.
  • Water: The tap water is not suitable for drinking. You will find a few bottles of fresh drinking water in the lower kitchen cabinets.
  • Bed linen and towels: For hang wet towels and clothes for drying pleas use the washing lines around the house.
  • Mosquitoes: After sunset and depending on season and wind conditions coming mosquitoes and other flying insects. Here, especially in the period from 6:00 -8: 00 pm optionally turn off the lights in the living area and turn on other lights in a certain distance.  Make use of mosquito nets and /or fans in the bedrooms.
  • Insects: You are in the countryside and insects (flies, spiders, ants, scorpions) cannot be avoided here. Avoid letting leftovers outside. Please check your clothes, laundry or stack of towels etc. before use. Footwear should be shaken before use.
  • Games, Leisure: You will find board games, darts and other games for the beach; look for them in the right part of the living room cabinet. Please stow the games carefully after using, report any losses or deficiencies to the staff.

Safety and health

  • The house has a first-aid kit in the bathroom cabinet
  • When you are leaving the house, please close the windows and doors and do not leave valuables on the porch or dining area.


History for Casa Loma - or why some of it is the way it is

The house on the hill or better "the Casa Loma" was built by the family Hübner-Kruzinna in 1996th The slight hill from which the front part of the property is excellent to survey, invited this with their most existing cooling breeze a downright. Chunks of bricks, the remains of a hearth and a lot of municipal waste were close to previous use of space. The first phase (1995) consisted of the main house with two rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom. At the same time a water fountain was rehabilitated. This fountain supplied the Casa Loma was towed which lifted with drinking water in the early years by means of a rope pump and in buckets up the hill to the bathroom and kitchen. From 2000, now an electrical submersible pump the well water promotes up to a 2500-liter water tank on the lying above the Loma de casa hilltop "Loma del Tanque", where down by gravity, the water flows now in the Casa Loma which from 2001 resulted in new residential annex with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms inside to take a modern WC in operation. Thus, for several years the latrine "La Letrina" only in "emergencies" in operation, the hot water operation of Casa Loma drained into the underneath-the-house septic The fountain of the Casa Loma changes its water level and thus its pumping capacity according to the seasonal rainfall.


At the beginning of the summer rainy season in May / June, the level is approximately 8 meters below ground, water must be saved. At the end of the rainy season, so the end of November it rises to ca. 2 - 4 meters below ground when the rainfall of at least 2000 mm / year be such that they reach the annual average of 2,300 mm approximately. Unfortunately, this was due to climatic phenomena such as "El Niño" or generally be more noticeable climate change in recent years is not the case. In particular, in 2015 only about 1000 mm rain fell at the finca. The drought throughout the Pacific and Central Region of Nicaragua had serious consequences for plants, animals and humans. In 2014, the country house was connected to the network of public municipal water supply of the municipality of San Juan del Sur. This network carries treated drinking water from Lake Nicaragua over a 25 km long pipeline of La Virgen at the waterfront located well into the town of San Juan del Sur. The line system also runs through the hamlet of San Antonio, the residents were connected to the supply system.


For our Finca this has to be able to rely on a guaranteed supply of drinking water for animals and humans a decisive advantage, especially in critical years. Nevertheless, the water supply for agriculture, livestock and forestry from the aforementioned seasonal precipitation events depends, watering of lawns and ornamental plants is in only a very limited extent in the vicinity of the building possible, otherwise the water resources are urgently needed to irrigate the cut grass, this is sure to May the diet of livestock in February.

Please take care of our house as if it were your own! Thank you!

Enjoy your stay! Come back soon!

Family Hübner-Kruzinna =)